Who We Are

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a dream to be at the racetrack as much as possible. She was the type of girl that when she raced, it didn’t matter if she won or lost, she was just happy to be there. Over her lifetime she placed herself at the track as a crew member, or driver whenever she could. 

  As time went on, she found herself asking off from her full time job so much to go racing, she knew there needed to be a shift. She needed to make the racetrack her source of income in order to be where she wanted to be. 

  Eighth Mile Apparel was born from a thought by Kristen Neal in the staging lanes of NHRA’s ECF of 2018.  She was on the search to create a product that could be personalized test universal to all dragracers. After intense observation of customizable items, the parachute tag was born.  
   With 3 years of improvements and engineering, 1/8th Mile Apparel is the only company in the world that offers such a product.  She is not stopping there, and has transformed the tags into functional winch pulls for the off-road world, and personalized wash plugs for the dirt and motorcross world.  

   Naturally, she grabbed the attention of major companies in the industry that has helped catapult her to the status that she has now.  She uses the proceeds to grow her business, and to take her son drag racing. You can find them often at NHRA D2 events, and PDRA events on the East Coast. She can also be found vending at the SouthEast biggest attendance and highest payout races in the country. 

    She has expanded her gifts in graphic art into hero cards, shirt design, and web design.  Kristen will always strive to improve her skill to be different, original, and stand out from the rest. 

“I am beyond blessed to do what I do. Traveling to dragstrips at some of the biggest races in the U.S. and meeting everyone in the industry.  All of us artists are family, not competition, and that’s what I love.  I get to be at my favorite place in the world and do what I love with the people that I love. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

  Kristen has no plans of stopping, and is focused on her growth.  She hand makes, and personally designs each item with love. Every year she adds dates to her vending schedule, and is working to expand he customer base.  

  Look for her in tow with her son and racer Corey, her crew chief and partner Joe Bullard, and her marketing specialist Oliver and Marlin. Coming to a dragstrip near you!